About me

by Elle | Cookerru
About me

Hi there, welcome to Cookerru! ツ゚ My name is Elle, here to share with you my creations from my small kitchen in Canada. In the Summer of 2019, I opened the blog with a small goal in mind – to share the joy of home cooking and the power that food has in connecting us to our cultural roots.

Moving to Canada at the age of 8, years of my early life went with a loss of culture and identity as the need to “fit in” and conform made ridding my ethnic background a subconscious priority for me, given that I was the the only one of my heritage in the community that I grew up in.

It wasn’t until I moved to Toronto that I took the initiative to truly learn and embrace my Korean heritage, and food was a significant part of helping me through that process. In reflecting upon my own journey, I decided to use this platform to share stories and ideas with my audience in portraying the beauty that every type of cuisine has to offer.

With this goal in mind, all Cookerru recipes are mindfully designed to be easy to follow and accessible to home cooks around the world regardless of experience, skill level, or familiarity with a particular cuisine.

I have always been mindful of making Cookerru an inclusive place where all of you, no matter what your cooking background is, feel empowered and excited about the creations you make for yourselves and your loved ones.

I believe that food is truly universal, and every day seeing your creations, my heart is extremely full and it reminds me of the sheer power it has on connecting all of us together despite our cultural backgrounds and upbringing.

Thank you for being here on this journey with us and being part of the Cookerru family. Happy cooking! ღ

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