About me

by Elle | Cookerru
About me

Hi there, welcome to Cookerru! ♡ My name is Elle, here to share with you my creations from my little kitchen in Canada. I have started this blog to spread the joy of home cooking, a meditative act I immerse in to nurture myself, and most importantly, sharing that happiness with my loved ones.

My cooking journey began early on in life, as becoming independent at the age of 17 gave me the accountability to take care of my own health and body. Leaving boxes of instant ramen behind, I decided to immerse myself in the kitchen experimenting with different cooking and baking methods, and found true beauty in mindful cooking.

My recipes are derived from diversified influences that I’ve had throughout my life, as my early childhood has been consisted of continuous travels around the world starting from my roots in South Korea. Living in Toronto, known for its vibrant food culture reflecting upon its multiethnic diversity, has also made a significant influence on my cooking perspective.

All recipes are mindfully designed to be easy to follow and accessible to home cooks around the world regardless of experience or skill level. 

I look forward to sharing this journey with you in this creative outlet that I’ve created, and I genuinely thank you for being here with me!